The Tornai family has been making wine on Soml-hegy, the smallest wine region in Hungary since 1946. Once covering half a hectare, the estate is now spread out over 54 hectares, producing wine with cutting-edge technology, exclusively from white grapes.

The most widespread varieties growing on Somló Hill are Welschriesling, Juhfark, Furmint, Hárslevelű and Gewürztraminer. Among others, these form the basis of Tornai wines, which make up three wine families, produced with both traditional and reductive technologies. Guests can enjoy the excellent Somló wines in the wine exhibition hall, suitable for the accommodation of 120 people, or on the huge wine terrace.

As an extra feature, a museum has also been set up near the winery to showcase all the details and tricks of winemaking. If you want to spend more time in the wine region of Somló, the renovated Séd Pince Guesthouse is the perfect place to stay at.

Tip: You can also charge your electric car at the Tornai’s charging station.

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