How can you transform an old and dilapidated mill? For example, you can turn it into a stylish countryside boutique hotel with a handful of rooms, a romantic atmosphere and a plant-covered terrace. The one-time Gubacsi Mill, now called Villa Fiore, is just like that.

The villa is located in Lesencetomaj and has eight rooms, all furnished in a distinct style and all exuding a strong rustic-romantic vibe. The windows of the villa overlook Szent György-hegy instead of the Balaton.

The Balaton Uplands are reflected in the local gastronomy as well, alongside the flavours of similar Mediterranean regions in Europe. The villa, standing on the bank of the Lesence-patak, offers an alternative way of unwinding with a sauna, indoor pool, and an organic pond outside, away from the busy beaches of the lake.

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