For those who thought that it was the privilege of Káli Basin to remind everyone of Provence, it’s time to pay a visit to Villa Vitae at one of the far corners of Füred. The pretty boutique hotel is actually complex of Mediterranean mansions with clay roof tiles and shuttered windows, built between the forest and the vineyards. The sight in itself is already impressive, but to see the real deal, we have to get on the terraces, from where, rather unusually, we can see the entire Tihany Peninsula.

The hotel is very homely: the living room has comfortable couches and bookcases, too, while the white wooden tables of the east-facing restaurant get packed with a Dining Guide-listed breakfast. The 14-room building has a wellness section and a health-house as well, not to mention the outdoor pool and the movie theater that can house 15 people. However, to have a good time, it’s enough to just sit down at the terrace in the company of a cup of coffee with almond milk.

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