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Bakony 200 Long-Distance Cycling Tour

Bakony 200 Long-Distance Cycling Tour

From: May14
Till: May14

The 23st Bakony 200 Long-Distance Cycling Tour sets out from Veszprém on routes of various lengths through the Balaton-Uplands and the Bakony.


8200 Veszprém, Wartha Vince utca 1.

The Bakony 200 long-distance cycling tour zigzags through the slopes of the Balaton-Uplands and Bakony region, crossing scenic villages and lookout points of magnificent panorama. The highlights of the routes include the Kab-hegy for its view and the Kinizsi Castle in Nagyvázsony; those completing the 200-km-course will have opportunity to admire the Castle of Sümeg and the monadnocks of the Tapolcai-medence.

You can choose to complete any of the 7 distances from the shortest, 30 km course to the extreme, 200 km course.

Compared to previous years, there are minor changes to the tour, but the height of the Kab-hegy and the distances are the same.

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