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Open Balaton

Open Balaton

From: May01
Till: May11

The programme series is aimed at demonstrating that the Balaton region is an attractive destination not only in the summer, but also in the spring, offering events of interest for everyone.


, Balaton több pontján,

This year's Balaton season opening will be one month early. According to plans, visitors will not chance upon a sleeping Balaton region in May, but will be greeted by spring programmes and open accomodations, caffés and restaurants.
In the mornings, refreshing aerobic sessions will await everyone on the beach of each and every settlement; you can join free guided walks and bike tours starting out from local Tourinform offices; sunbeds will be set up on piers and beaches; and Balatonside picnics named 'The country is our guest' will be held on lakeside promenades in the afternoons.

There will also be a competition for preparing the icecream of Balaton. The winning product will be available in every confectionery and restaurant around the Lake, with a planned promotion of buy two get one free.

On the second weekend of the series all participating settlements will hold a lampion water parade (Saturday, 10 May). There will also be recommended bike tours and musical "Spring Streets" everywhere.

At participating accomodations guests get one night free when reserving two nights' stay.

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