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Here’s where to stay in Siófok – Aranypart Camping 4/24/2018

At Siófok’s Aranypart Camping, the season starts on April 27 – here’s why you should pay a visit even in spring.

From barns to mansions – Balaton guesthouse that stay open in fall 11/17/2017

We rounded up our favorite guesthouses where we can rest in fall – including small hidden gems and ancient mansions of aristocrats.

Be a guest at an actual count’s estate 10/2/2017

Aristocrats are rare in Hungary – so it feels unique to stay at the home of someone who is actually noble. Especially if there’s a breakfast of backyard goods involved.

Start your day with a bountiful breakfast in Zánka 8/30/2017

A former musician opened a guesthouse in Zánka where the first meal of the day is abundant enough to make you want to skip lunch.

A fulfilled Scandinavian dream in Balatonhenye 8/11/2017

Laura Takács dreamed about a holiday home in Balatonhenye. Years later, she dreamed A nyaraló for others, so that they have one, too.

Stylish rooms and lavish wines – 11 Balaton wineries with lodging 8/8/2017

These places have the best of both worlds: stylish rooms and great wines await at these 11 spots.

The kitchen of this guesthouse in Révfülöp will surprise you 8/7/2017

We visited a guesthouse where we found a brilliant Italian chef. Cselling Udvarház could be a restaurant but then it would lose the things that make it special.

Where to stay if there is a full house in Balatonfüred 7/5/2017

Here are some nice alternatives in case Balatonfüred gets too busy – and overbooked – during this excitingly eventful summer.

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