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Although the manor and the farm buildings were tested by time in the last few decades, the new owners, András Fazekas and family have already began renovations. There is still work to do, but the guest houses (and the tents during festivals) are great to sleep in and relatively cheap, while the rural dishes are far-famed.

The building raised in the second half of the 18th century and at the beginning of the 19th century stands on a spacious lot in the centre of Taliándörögd. The one-time manor and its farm building were placed under memorial monument protection in 2006, in honour of their architectural and arts values. The owners have been restoring the partly transformed buildings step by step since they took over the manor that had been neglected from 1945.

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Valley of Arts

1900 - 33000 HUF
Friday, July 24, 2015
Sunday, August 2, 2015

Hospitality was at first restricted to the Valley of Arts, then the hosts found that the festival vibes, the cooking and the co-habitation with guests would be great to extend to the entire year. The manor built at the end of the 1700s accommodates guests in rooms for 2 to 4 persons, with possible extra bed and en suite bathroom (2800-3300 HUF/person), while the garden is perfect for pitching tents during the festival.

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Upon our arrival, it was immediately clear that the buzz has been sustained: after a few pleasant words of welcome and the introduction of the family, there is always something happening. In addition to the large number of friendly dogs per person, there is also a grazing foal nearby, a litter of recently born kittens, and a range of lilac violet syrups (more or less) in the background, while the hosts identify each and every flower species for us with scientific precision.

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While András (the contractor and gardener infused sociologist, a true Renaissance man) is responsible for the big picture and the technical details, hospitality, in its classical sense, is the job of the ladies. They choose the proper hue of paint to make the guest house come to life, renovate furniture, iron out details and tend to the kitchen garden.

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Their true calling (in addition to providing a bohemian accommodation) is the rural cuisine: they mix modern trends (cream soups and dips) with classical flavours perfectly. They make 15 kinds of syrups, each with its own hue, and a selection of dishes that lure guests to the kitchen like the sirens' song.

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The daily specials are limited only by the kitchen garden and fantasy, but if you have no problem with zacuscă (a kind of vegetable spread), walnut cream cheese, ginger pear jam or mint vegetables, a visit to the mansion of gastronomy is highly recommended. This summer, they will also have an open-view outdoor kitchen, and until then, you can ask for a picnic basket, bogrács dishes, breakfast or lunch specials - no-one will be left hungry. The dishes are all reasonably priced: a breakfast (patés. coffee, tea etc.) costs 800 HUF, a 3-course lunch is about 2000 HUF. If you are staying elsewhere, but want to drop in for a meal, be sure to drop a line beforehand.

Photo: We Love Balaton

Lőke Kúria (Lőke Mansion) is recommended to everyone who is curious as to how a bohemian family fills a cultural heritage building with life and to those who want to join the ranks of artists, campers and pilgrims for a few days. The spirit of the mansion is proof that the Valley of Arts is longer than a week, if there is a suitable  afield of dandelions and an oven.

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