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Klári Tüdős and her partner, Moreno Contin turned an old vintner’s house into a guesthouse at the foot of Fülöp-hegy (Fülöp Hill) in Révfülöp.

You can stumble upon antiques and family heirlooms everywhere in this modern guesthouse that evokes the atmosphere of the Balaton Uplands in its one double, and two four-person apartments.

The main attraction of this cozy house is Moreno himself, who, after working in the Michelin-starred kitchens of Italy, Brazil, Taiwan, and then Budapest, now cooks courses fit for fine dining restaurants for the guests – and strictly just for them.


8253 Révfülöp, Hajnal utca 8.
+36 30 604 2421
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8253 Révfülöp, Káli út 44.
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