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Házunk Mindszentkállán

Hotels & Accommodation - Guest house & Apartment

Two couples fell in love with Káli Basin and bought a house on one of the main streets of Mindszentkálla. They brought the grey, soulless house back to life – the former home of a party secretary now has spacious community spaces decorated with fresh colors, textures, and joyful details. Its name, Házunk Mindszentkállán literally means “our house in Mindszentkálla”.

The four double rooms all have different vibes, and all of them can fit extra beds so larger groups and families can stay here, too. Having small kids of their own, the owners kept the needs of smaller children in mind, and created a miniature playground in the garden, and a play area inside as well, while those who are a bit older can play chef around the stove in the garden.

The house ended up in such a great shape that one of the couples who own it, Nóra and Norbi even contemplated moving here. Since one of the best ice cream parlors of the Káli Basin is next door, we would have decided to move.


8282 Mindszentkálla, Petőfi Sándor utca 35.
+36 20 420 4045
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