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Count József Hunyady and Countess Katalin Almásy moved from Italy and Belgium to the ancient estate of the Hunyady family in Somogy, where a granary, built in 1900, was converted into a charmingly rustic but absolutely comfortable, three-storey guesthouse. Hens run around in the garden where vegetables and fruits grow, and the host uses biomedical methods for his winemaking, similarly to his ancestor from the 19th century, who used to be the number one vineyard-owner in the southern part of Balaton. We can rent just a room in the guesthouse, or we can rent it entirely, in which case the house can comfortably accommodate ten people. The area is great for hikes and for hunting, but of course you can still have a good time here if you just want to read peacefully for a few days or try to figure out whether you are smart enough to catch a chicken.


8714 Kelevíz, Lehnerpuszta
+36 30 294 5140 +36 30 226 9553
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