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Tamás Bátyó Gunyhója

Hotels & Accommodation - Guest house & Apartment

If you’d like to spend a few days in a beautiful valley of the Balaton Uplands that is under environmental protection and surrounded by streams and forest, then Tamás Bátyó Gunyhója can be a good choice. The garden was designed and set up by the owner himself, gardener Tamás Beretvás. We can choose from two separate, multi-room guesthouses: one of the original mill buildings and the miller’s house. In the village and near the guesthouse, we can find a small ponf with a water stage, which is a popular venue for art events and romantic weddings in the summer.

Tip: The Balatonudvari Beach and the Royal Balaton Golf and Yacht Club are just a short drive away, but Tihany, Balatonfüred, the Káli Basin, the Bakony and Veszprém are rather close, as well.


8245 Vászoly, Malomvölgy dűlő 043/7
+36 30 424 1990
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