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Chateau Visz****

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There is a palace hotel only a few kilometers to the south of Balatonlelle which looks exactly like the palace from the popular West German TV-series of the 1980s, Das Erbe der Guldenburgs.

Chateau Visz was reconstructed under the sign of luxury. The magnificent building stands in the embrace of hills, German SUVs, and the prefect lawn. In the hall, soft Mozart tunes jingle. It took two years to renovate this 4-star hotel, which used to be an abandoned manor residence. The result is quite aristocratic, sometimes a bit overwhelming.

The 12-room Chateau Visz gives the impression you're the guest of some noble family, not a hotel. Prepare for enjoying the wellness department, and forgetting your mobile, as there is no phone reception. You can find the only fine dining restaurant of the Hungarian countryside here, which offers a degustation "prix fixe" menu, nothing else. It means that they prepare a different, top quality, multiple course menu every day for a fixed price.


8681 Visz, Berencsepuszta
+36 85 710 003
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