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Places you'd love to call home - Airbnb listings on the south shore

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Sunday, May 24, 2015 — László Tucsni

Airbnb, the alternative accommodation finder is extremely popular all around the world: people - not necessarily in the hospitality trade - upload pictures of their own flat/house, set a price per night for renting, and accommodate tourists who have grown tired of uniform hotel rooms. It's basically the Zimmer Frei of the 21st century. We found 500+ Airbnb accommodations by Lake Balaton, of which we already picked a few attractive north shore lodgings and now we paddle over to the south shore.


You won't find an apartman more Siófok-specific than this one. Only one street down from Petőfi Promenade and just 300 metres from the Aranypart, this house comes with 5 bedrooms, 8 beds, 2 bathrooms, internet and everything else. True, the Project X gig probably won't be held here, since the owner warns possible tenants to turn down the volume after 10 PM, especially as he is also living on the premises. This lodging is more suitable for large groups, since the asking price is terribly high for 4 or 5 people.

  • How many does it sleep? 8 beds, 14 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 14 guests? 7400 HUF/night
  • Anything else to know? The owner prefers tranquil stag parties.


This is the bestbuy option of Balaton's airbnb selection. At first glance, it is but an average block, but the photos unveil an interior ideal for the cover of a design magazine. We had suspicions that the house wasn't directly on the  shore, still you don't have to be a speed walking champ to make it to the beach. Balatonszárszó might not be the busiest town of Balaton, but a family can spend a perfect mini-holiday here, complete with a visit to the József Attila Memorial House and the beach, plus a dinner at Kistücsök. Book fast, for the owners might just realize soon that they could easily raise the price.

  • How many does it sleep? 3 beds, 6 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 4 guests? 6600 HUF/night
  • Anything else to know? There are no reviews yet, but that will surely change soon enough.


An ideal place for a retreat with friends. There is a huge house with an even more spacious habitable attic, a large garden, and the peaceful air worthy of an uninhabited island.The classic rural house with a porch has a tastefully renovated interior and comes with internet access. Of course, the seclusion has its drawbacks: you have to drive around a bit for the beach, the lángos and a proper dinner, since the local public transport timetable is pretty thin.

  • How many does it sleep? 3 beds, 6 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 4 guests? 5300 HUF/night
  • Anything else to know? The attic is big enough to sleep a high school class, so we don't get it why it isn't used so.


The south shore's airbnb listings come with fewer reviews than those of the north shore, but Andrea's home is one of the exceptions. It has 9 very positive comments (all from foreigners except for one), which praise the abundance of kitchen equipment, the modern interior, the hosts English and the security protecting the premises and the children as well. From the point of view of holidays, the flat is ideally located (close to the marina and the beach). The furniture looks as if in a cool IKEA promo photo, which is nice, but might not convey the Balaton vibes properly.

  • How many does it sleep? 2 beds, 4 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 4 guests? 8000 HUF/night
  • Anything else to know? The hamburger at the nearby BL Bavaria Yachtclub is a must have.


Last year, we found a theatre of war at the renovated Fonyód beach, and we wonder whether the circumstances have been normalized since. Anyway, renting a house near a public beach is an excellent idea, especially if the price is so favourable. The house is equipped with everything you'd require during a holiday, except for internet access, which might be a drawback for those who cannot do without their daily dose of viral cute animal videos. The furniture is alright, the height of the living room is surprising, only the soft magenta colour of the house is questionable.

  • How many does it sleep? 5 beds, 6 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 4 guests? 4600 HUF/night
  • Anything else to know? It is already fully booked for July and August, but there's still chance for booking a week in June.

+1: Siófok

This list cannot be complete without an extra item: Patrick Bateman's summer home in Siófok. A place where the terrace in itself is already 45m2, you only have to go downstairs to find the shore, and everything looks so impeccably sterile, is ideal for shooting the sequel to American Psycho. Although such plans have not been confirmed to the best of our knowledge, but until then, this penthouse is to let - even for 6 persons.

  • How many does it sleep? 3 beds, 6 guests.
  • How much does it cost for one person in case of 4 guests? 15875 HUF/night. In case of 6 guests, it is 10 600 HUF/person/night.
  • Anything else to know? The minimum stay is one week, starting with Saturday.

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