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Balatonboglár Daily Food Market Price category € € € € €

Badges: Market, South shore

Despite earlier concerns about the new location of the Balatonboglár market, the place is now surrounded by peace and harmony. It might also have helped the flow of chi that we were guided through the dense of ...

8630 Balatonboglár, Dózsa utca (2581 Hrsz.)

Balatonboglár Dock Price category € € € € €

Badges: Interchange, Waterfront, South shore

Opened in 1890, the boat stop of Balatonboglár is one of only a few that have been named after a person, in this case after the leading architect of many of Balaton’s boat stops – it is thus officially called K...

8630 Balatonboglár, Kikötő utca 1-5.

Balatonboglár Platán Public Beach Price category € € € € €

Badges: Public Beach, Open all year, Waterfront, South shore, Child-friendly

Platán Beach in Balatonboglár is sprawled over an area of 9.5 hectares on the Balaton shore. Sunbathing fans will adore this nicely maintained public beach because only a small section of it gets sufficient sha...

8630 Balatonboglár, Platán tér 1.

Marina of Balatonboglár Price category € € € € €

Badges: Water sports, Interchange, Waterfront, South shore

Boglár’s marina and the boat stop named after Dezső Kaáli Nagy, the chief architect of Balaton’s boat stops, share the eastern side of the town’s harbor. The other side of the bay enclosed by two peninsulas is ...

8630 Balatonboglár, Kikötő utca

Balaton from above: Balatonboglár’s Gömbkilátó 7/13/2018

In our continuing series of great Balaton lookout points, we focus on an iconic landmark at Balatonboglár: the Gömbkilátó, created during an Expo in 1958. This floodlit structure has an amazing view of the lake and its surroundings.

In Bad Weather Between Balatonboglár and Lelle 9/18/2014

True, the autumn Balaton is most beautiful on sunny days, but you don't have to sit around dejected on the shore if its raining. There are plenty of indoor spas, museums and restaurants and wineries open in the autumn for you to visit. This time, we looked around from Szárszó to Balatonlelle, with a bit of detour to Polány and Igal.

The history of Balatonboglár and Balatonlelle in pictures 9/2/2019

The towns of Balatonlelle and Balatonboglár on Lake Balaton’s south shore share a long history. At one point, in 1978, they were even merged under the name of Boglárlelle. Here’s a look at their symbiosis through archive photographs.

7 Cool Marina Restaurants at Lake Balaton 9/12/2014

Roping twisted by the wind, rocking waves, and inviting armchairs and sofas welcome you to the marina restaurants of Lake Balaton that are mostly open the public as well as to sailors. The offers range wide: there are set lunch menus, hamburgers or you can opt for the sous vide duck breast that is crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. In the summer, we tested seven restaurants (both from the north and the south shoe) where prices are reasonable but you still feel as if you were in Monte Carlo.

Farmers' Markets around Lake Balaton, Pt. 2 9/2/2014

We already started to round up the farmers' markets around Lake Balaton once, but there were so many we had to leave some out. They are here now: 7 venues, from the gap-filling fish market to the eco-trend followers, where you can purchase something to put onto the plate, into the pan or the hand of your kid. Pt. 2 might still not be the end of the list.

Legends, fantasy, and the chapels of the Balaton 10/1/2013

Bearded artists, disco dancing Socialist youth, legends and fantasy--chapels to visit at Balaton.

Regions Around Balaton 10/17/2013

We divided the Balaton into 5 regions so it would be easier for you to find everything worth visiting near your destination.

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