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The past, present and future of Csobánc Castle

Learn more about the past, present and future of Csobánc Castle.

See what's happening at Örvényeshegy Piknik, Balaton’s cosiest garden party

Örvényeshegy Piknik in Zalacsány is a cosy festival of exciting music shows and cultural events taking place from May 24 to 26,

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5 Balaton exhibitions to see this month

Five fascinating exhibitions can be seen around Lake Balaton this month, with subjects ranging from volcanoes to retro summers.

15 best attractions at Lake Balaton

There are so many things to see and do at Lake Balaton that it’s sometimes hard to pick the right one. If you’re not sure where to go, these 15 attractions are always a...

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Hétvezér Historical Adventure Park and Garabonciás Farm Price category €€€€€

WLB tip
Badges Natural attractions, Adventure park, South shore, Open all year, Child-friendly

Hétvezer Historical Adventure Park and Garabonciás Farm are operated by Hotel Aphrodite. In the centre of the park you can find the castle of Princess Hanna, which has a...

8747 Garabonc, 069/6-8-7. hrsz.

Veszprém Viaduct Price category €€€€€

WLB tip

Known colloquially as the viaduct of Veszprém, St. Stephen’s Viaduct has been the symbol of the town since December 1937. The 185-meter long structure, which was erected...

8200 Veszprém, Szent István völgyhíd

Amazon House Visitor Center Price category €€€€€

Badges Museum / Gallery, Child-friendly, Open all year, North shore

The renovation of one of Keszthely’s historic buildings took a long time, but it was definitely worth the wait. Today the former 18th-century inn houses a fine exhibition...

8360 Keszthely, Kastély utca 11.

Africa Museum and Zoo Price category €€€€€

Badges Museum / Gallery, North shore, Child-friendly

Founder of the Africa Museum, world-famous hunter and explorer of Africa Dr. Endre Nagy returned to Hungary in 1984, bringing his trophy collection back to his family’s...

8312 Balatonederics, Kültelek 11. (71-es főút)

Alsóörs Amphitheater Price category €€€€€

Badges Castle / ruins, Open all year, North shore

As confusing as it might be, the amphitheater of Alsóörs is not from the Roman era. A quarry stood here originally, one that mined red sandstone. The auditorium has 36...

8226 Alsóörs, Úttörő utca 2.

Ámos-hegy Recreational Forest Study Trail and Lookout Tower Price category €€€€€

Badges Natural attractions, Lookout tower, Education trail, For cyclists, Open all year, North shore

Towering at a height of 525 meters, Ámos-hegy and the adjacent recreational forest are both situated to the east of the village of Eplény. Beech trees, sycamores, and...

8413 Eplény, Ámos-hegy

Attila József Memorial House Price category €€€€€

Badges Museum / Gallery, Open all year, South shore

The house in Balatonszárszó, where one of the greatest Hungarian poets of the 20th century, Attila József spent his last month, stands in the street that bears his name...

8624 Balatonszárszó, József Attila utca 7.

Avasi church ruins Price category €€€€€

Badges Castle / ruins, Chapel, Open all year, North shore

Due to its unique atmosphere, Szigliget has become a favourite among many Balaton fans. The beauty of the landscape, the romantic thatched buildings of the Öregfalu (Old...

8264 Szigliget, Réhelyi út 88-89.
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