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Discover romantic Balatonhenye 8/23/2019

Káli Basin’s Balatonhenye is a romantic spot that embodies all the charm of the Káli-medence.

Balaton from above: Csönge-hegy in Salföld 8/14/2019

Lake Balaton from above is always uplifting – as we we have been discovering as we tour the lookout towers of Balaton in an ongoing series. Next: Csönge-hegy in Salföld.

8 Balaton statues that reveal fascinating local history 8/12/2019

These eight Balaton statues, some iconic, some lesser-known, all tell interesting stories about the lake and its history.

Balaton from above: Kőhegy Lookout Tower 8/9/2019

Lake Balaton from above is always uplifting – as we have discovered on our tour of its panoramic points. Next: Kőhegyi Lookout Tower in Zamárdi.

The Samsara Festival goes zero waste for 2019 8/6/2019

The selection of activities at the tranquil Samsara Festival remains wide, while waste and food prices of meals are reduced.

Szigliget Castle to be renewed by Easter 2020 7/19/2019

Already under construction, Szigliget Castle is set to be renewed by the spring of 2020. It is still open to visitors all summer but will close soon afterwards.

Keszthely’s recently discovered treasure tells a tragic story 7/16/2019

Recently found in a basement in Keszthely and now on display at the Balaton Museum, this collection of coins and jewellery tell the tragic story of a Jewish family.

Claim a free glass of wine when UB40 feat. Ali & Astro play the VeszprémFest 7/11/2019

See UB40 feat. Ali & Astro play the VeszprémFest on July 12 for a coupon to be used at the Rosé, Riesling and Jazz Days festival.

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