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Be warned - seasonal opening. Before you would leave for the place, check the opening hours.

Forrás Outdoor Cinema in Csopak

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Premier movies illuminate the big screen of Csopak’s Forrás Outdoor Cinema all summer long. There’s plenty of room in the fixed rows of plastic seats, but drive-in movie theater fans are also welcome. Like at all the best outdoor cinemas around Balaton, screenings here also start at 9pm. If you’re looking for other similar venues, you should check out Sziget Outdoor Cinema where visitors can conveniently refill their cups with the soda of their choice. You can do pretty much same in Csopak: you can drink as many cupfuls as you want from the refreshing - though no longer medicinal - water of the nearby Szent József thermal spring.

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8229 Csopak, Forrás utca 5.
+36 20 928 2808 +36 88 429 308
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Closed between September and June

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