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Farmers' Markets around Lake Balaton, Pt. 1

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Thursday, July 3, 2014 — Viktória Vígh

Photo: Stiller Ákos

For fruits, vegetables and other ingredients. To meet, chat, bargain or browse for hours. In search of real treasures along the lines of colours, fragrances, sounds and fresh air, finding false gems. Yes, we went to the market(s). We have collected a bunch of farmers' markets around Lake Balaton, where you can bump into special stalls during your thoroughly enjoyable shopping experience. We started with the largest markets listed here; but beware, there is more to come!

Csalán Farmers' Market

Csalán Market

8200 Veszprém, Centrum áruház és a Lordok Háza közötti terület (Kossuth utca)
Csalán Market on facebook

The repertoire of the Csalán Természet- és Környezetvédő Egyesület (environmental association) is not all ideals and movements, it also includes farmers' goods. Every Friday, the Csalán Market on the pedestrian street of Veszprém lights up the hearts of its crowd with smoked goods, seasoned home-made cheeses, healthy spreads, vitamin bomb juices with pulp, and such . The association checks the vendors regularly, so the seasonality and the origin of goods are certified.

Biobalaton Eco- and Artisanal Market

Last year, our verdict on Biobalaton, was that it was a place to re-live the 'first day of a new festival' feeling, when everything is new, everyone is enthusiastic, and there is no crowd. Since then, the numbers have grown, but the enthusiasm for the task defined as a mission has remained unchanged. The eco-conscious management treats both the small-scale producers and costumers fairly, and on top it, it has managed to create a wonderful vibe at the market, where only artisanal goods, and bio-fruits and vegetables are sold. The Malackrumpli Bistro is the cream of it all: its goods (that can be consumed on spot) are not expensive, so if you'd rather spend your time allotted to cooking with making new acquaintances, you can kill those birds with one stone here.

Update: Biobalaton is closed.

Tihany PIAC Placc

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /welovebalaton

Tihany PIAC Marketplace

8237 Tihany, rév (kompállomás)
Tihany PIAC Marketplace on facebook

The PIAC placc marketplace by the Tihany ferry promises antiques, meat-, cheese- and spice-vendors, but above all a modest bazaar vibe. It has a playground, much to the joy of kids bored by shopping, and a HelloWood installation that makes the airy marketplace even friendlier. This is not the place to find the largest number of traditional small-scale producers, but you will not be disappointed by the range of available ingredients. Arrive hungry, so you can eat as much of the local speciality (apple strudel) as possible.

Liliomkert Market

Photo: Ákos Stiller

Liliomkert Market

8283 Káptalantóti, Liliomkert
Liliomkert Market on facebook

The rebel, the hospitable, the Garden of Eden. It's all true, although the order might be upset. It's all clear to anyone, who spends a few days here, and the majority of the crowd here are returning market-goers. The Liliomkert in Káptalantóti is a popular haven for people permanently or temporarily escaping the buzz of the capital finding refuge in Káli-medence. It has also supported the living-out-of-hobby of many with a stall. The setting for the community factor is an abundance of wines, cheeses, jams, artisanal goods and bio-elixirs.

Photo: Ákos Stiller

Hévíz Farmers' Market

Hévíz Farmers' Market

8380 Hévíz, Fő tér
Hévíz Farmers' Market on facebook

In addition to the rich selection of traditional small-scale producers' goods, this market boast of being a potential exhibition space to a great number of artisans and also of drawing a a crowd willing to buy these artisanal products. The noted potters, corn-husk puppet-makers, smiths and lace-makers can all sell their quality products here. As for antiquities, the Hévíz market resembles a controlled flea market. There are no drills, second-hand clothes or Chinese knives to ruin the picture; you can only find objects evocative of old times. Plus: the vendors here have grown into a wonderful community - for some this is family.

Szántódpuszta Farmers' and Flea Market

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /welovebalaton

Szántódpuszta Farmers' Market and Flea Market

8622 Szántódpuszta, Szántódpuszta Idegenforgalmi és Kulturális Központ

Porcelain dolls and meat straight from small-scale producers. This is only one of the possible couplings that you might meet here under the sky and within the walls of the post-apocalyptic Ménes Csárda. Moreover, you can consumer the goods right on spot, among some absurd details. Iaf you are looking for a bargain on the south shore, stop at Szántódpuszta.

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