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National Geographic publishes brilliant Balaton photography

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Tuesday, July 3, 2018 — We Love Balaton

Photo: Pályi Zsófia

A new article in National Geographic magazine features the vivid Balaton photography of Hungarian artist Zsófia Pályi, along with a quick look at the most popular sights, the most beautiful places and the best wines around the lake.

Renowned global travel magazine National Geographic has just published a new article about Lake Balaton. The respected monthly chatted with Hungarian artist Zsófia Pályi, whose vivid photography has been awarded the Károly Hemző Prize. Titled Balaton, the Hungarian Sea, the bright pictures in Pályi’s series show the faces and the colours of the lake that is forever connected to childhood summers in the memories of many Hungarians. The photographs have featured in various foreign publications before.

Photo: Zsófia Pályi

The article highlights Káli Basin, the Tihany Peninsula, Badacsony and Balatonfüred, along with the wines of the Figula, Jásdi, Gilvesy, and Szászi cellars. For cultural delights, the publication recommends the Valley of Arts and Vaszary-villa in Balatonfüred.  

You can read the article here and browse Zsófia Pályi’s photographs here.

Photo: Zsófia Pályi
Photo: Zsófia Pályi

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