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Calvary of Tihany

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Besides having an Abbey of historical significance, and a hidden treasure in the form of Lake Belső, Tihany is also the home of the perhaps most beautiful Calvary of 20th century Hungary.

The construction of the Calvary of Tihany, the stone stations symbolizing the passion of Jesus Christ and the Way of the Cross, started on Visszhang Hill in 1926, and was financed by public contributions. What you see today isn’t the original version as it was renovated in 2012, but this doesn’t mean it has less significance.

Christ on a stone cross is on the top of the south-sloping hillside, behind him are three knolls built of limestone blocks, and the bronze memorial of Hungarian King Charles IV.

Tip: If you decide to walk up here, make sure to turn around, as the view is magnificent.


8237 Tihany, Visszhang utca 17.
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