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Castle of Szigliget

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UPDATE: The castle in currently under construction. Starting from 2 September, it will close down for the second wave of constructions, lasting until April 2020.

is more about chapels, observation towers and churches, so castles seem to have a less important role among the sights. The Castle of Szigliget has a special role though, hence why locals refer to it as the “Castle of Balaton”.

Currently, it is the only castle around Balaton that can be visited, and offers a variety of concerts, exhibitions and interactive programs to those who climb up to the 750-year-old monument. We recommend visiting the Baroque kitchen, the Castle Chapel, and the weapon exhibition in the Old Village.

The castle also has a small playground, which is the work of Boldizsár Kő, and visitors can end the day with some tasty ice cream or a cup of coffee in Várkávézó, at the foot of the Castle of Szigliget.


8264 Szigliget, Kisfaludy utca 26.
+36 87 461 355
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