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Endrődi Sándor Lookout Tower

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Erected near Csopak on the 317 meters high Csákány-hegy (Csákány Hill), Endrődi Sándor Lookout Tower offers a beautiful view of the eastern basin of Lake Balaton and the southern slopes of the Bakony. The road to the peak is pleasant through Nosztory-völgy (Nosztory Valley), and those who have a lot of time can arrive from the direction of Paloznak, from where there’s a panoramic trail that leads here. Follow the blue hiking trail to arrive at the wooden structure built in 1972, and enjoy a picnic here as the last stage of your hike.

Tip: If you crave a more hearty meal after the hike, Csopak has plenty of eateries, like Márga Bistro, or Code Zero at the waterfront.


8229 Csopak, Csákányhegyi utca 8.
+36 87 446 250
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