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The 385 metres high Haláp is the youngest solitary hill of the Balaton Uplands National Park. It’s also the one with the most extensive damage made by mining: the basalt cone of the hill completely disappeared during the mining works that took place here until the end of the ‘80s. The view of Tapolcai-medence from the remaining edge is still impressive. Its name refers to a growth of aquatic plants that are so intertwined that you could even walk on them.

Zalahaláp, at the foot of the hill, is known for its 200 years old sequoia tree. The settlement used to be the estate of the Halápi family. You can get to the hill from the edge of the village, from the road that leads to Nyírád. It’s not an easy hike, but the view will make up for all your struggles.


8308 Zalahaláp, Haláp
+36 87 413 233
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