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Heart-shaped tombstones

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It may sound weird, but we recommend you to take a walk in a graveyard. You have to set your doubts aside, because this place, on the north shore, on the side of main road 71 is a must-see. The cemetery, that is also along the Balaton Bike Ring and is a protected heritage, is full of hand carved, heart-shaped tombstones.

The more than 50 stones were made between 1800 and 1850 – you can easily check this, as some of the inscriptions are still readable. The legend says that a local handyman convinced the citizens of Balatonudvari to order heart-shaped tombstones, "Because the dead heart turns into stone, too. First it becomes dust, and then it turns into stone." Rumor has it, that the last heart-shaped tombstone is standing at the handyman's grave. The irony is that he carved his own tombstone, too.


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