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Kopasz Hill

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Kopasz Hill is one of the Báli Basin’s less frequented tourist destinations, but for those who’ve had enough the Szent György Hill Basalt Organs and can climb up to Hegyestű with their eyes closed, the handful barren mountaintop could provide a fresh experience. The hill can be approached from Rákóczi Street, starting from the Church of Mindszentkálla: the route begins as a dirt road and continues as a long flight of basalt stairs, which is said to have as many steps as days in a year. From the 330-meter altitude, we can enjoy a spectacular view of the surrounding witness hills and Mindszentkálla, lying under our feet. After the long climb, it’s worth to descend down the other side of the mountain and taste the delicacies of “goat cheese queen” Viktória Pettenkoffer at her farm in Bácshegy – after prior appointment.


8282 Mindszentkálla, Kopasz-hegy
+36 70 882 8277
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8286 Mindszentkálla, Jókai Mór utca 7.

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8282 Mindszentkálla, Petőfi Sándor utca 31.

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