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Lengyel Chapel

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Due to its size, the Lengyel Chapel is more of a church, built by the Lengyel family back in 1760, in the place of the much older Szent György Chapel. Across one of the most beautiful memories of Baroque architecture around Balaton is the similarly Baroque-style Tarányi press-house, and a few hundred meters away, you can drink fresh spring water from the lion-head fountain.

When around here, be sure to check out the Szent György-hegy Study Trail and its particular basalt organs. From above, you can enjoy a marvelous view of Badacsony and the hills of Szigliget.

The chapel, located on the south side of the Szent György-hegy, is easy to approach: before reaching Hegymagas, you have to go up the hill to the right. A paved road leads the whole way, and it’s easy to park, as well.

Tip: You can also include a light lunch in your plans, since several restaurant opened here during the past few years.


8265 Hegymagas, Lengyel-kápolna
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8265 Hegymagas, Szent György-hegy
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