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Lutheran Church of Siófok

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Located in Siófok, the entrance of this Lutheran church is adorned with a gigantic owl with a hat, or a couple of protective angel wings, depending on what your imagination suggests. Designed by Imre Makovecz, the architect of Makó’s Hagymatikum Spa, the truly special building is a harmonious mix of folk architecture traditions and the modernist design elements.

The construction of the church was partly funded by Finland, and stands in Oulu Park, named after Siófok’s twin town. Mostly made out of natural wood, the church can sit 150 people, and the altar is situated by the eastern wall in line with the traditions of church building. The tree of life standing under the tower symbolizes life’s victory over death. It's sometimes referred to as the net of Christ due to its shape.


8600 Siófok, Fő utca 220. (Oulu park)
+36 84 310 549
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Opening hours

Mass on Sundays and on holidays from 10am.

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