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Hop on your bikeinto a canoe or your boots and discover the amazing world of birds and plants of Nagyberek in Somogy County! This is one of the least known parts of Hungary. Today, there is only splinter left of the magical waterworld known from the popular novel Tüskevár by renowned novelist István Fekete; but it is still an enthralling slice of nature in its transformed shape, preserving its ancient form in a few places. This wetland of over 1,500 acres is covered in water at its deepest points all-year-round. In these spots, you'll find European white waterlilies, yellow waterlilies, frogbits and water violets as well. Its waterways are trimmed by reeds. The ecological value of the area is also increased by its rich waterfowl habitation, which includes great egrets, little egrets, night herons, Eurasian bitterns and numerous migrating birds. The Fehérvízi Moors within the Nagyberek has been protected since 1977.


8646 Balatonfenyves, Nagyberek
+36 87 555 260
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