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Observation tower on Kőhegy

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Some say that the best thing about Balaton's south shore is the view of the north shore. If you want to find out whether this is true or false, the observation tower on Kőhegy is a great place to decide, and it is only a 10-minute walk from the center of Zamárdi. You can get a clear view of the north shore from Balatonfűzfő to Badacsony, and you can also see the hills of Somogy if you just turn around.

You must climb a steep hill to get to the tower, and once you're there you'll still need to conquer a bunch of steps to get to the top. Cars must be left at the foot of the hill. Arriving on foot or by bike, you’ll find a resting point here with a drinking fountain, a toilet and a small buffet, called Kilátó Terrace.

Tip: If you're hiking around here, make sure you visit the Szamárkő (Donkey stone), which is a mystic rock.


8621 Zamárdi, Kőhegy, Kilátó dűlő
+36 84 345 290
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