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Padkűi Lookout Tower

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Built from Scots pine and larch, Padkűi Lookout Tower can be found on a 408-meter hilltop – from here you can enjoy the view of Keszthelyi-öböl in quiet reverence, and on a bright day you can even see the shores of Somogy County.

Opened in 2015, the lookout tower is almost 19 metres tall, and you can reach it from Vonyarcvashegy’s Csereze utca by following the trail marked by the green cross. The hike there is mainly for those who want something more out of the experience than just a few photos at the nearest lookout tower. With a more than five kilometres long trip in both directions, this hike is for those who want to distance themselves from civilization a bit more.

Tip: If you still have some energy left, you can easily get to the other three lookout towers – Bél Mátyás, Batsányi, and Kitaibel Pál observation towers – in the area by using the quarry as a starting point.


8316 Vállus, Padkűi kilátó
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