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Szentháromság Chapel

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This is one of the most exquisite lookout spots of the north shore. You can find plenty of places to sit down on each all sides of the small hill of Szentháromság Chapel. The chapel is a 170-year-old pilgrimage site on the highest point of Rókarántó. The locals call it Kiskápolna (meaning: Small Chapel), and apart from one mass per year, only weddings and baptism ceremonies are held here.
The snow white building is an agent of peace. Its prime location made this place a perfect target for bombing, but it survived the damages of World War II. There are two memorial sites for fallen soldiers nearby: a cross for the sons of Szigliget, and a plaque for the crew of a crashed American aircraft.


8264 Szigliget, Rókarántó
+36 87 461 268
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