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Tagore Promenade in Balatonfüred

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Tagore sétány in Balatonfüred has many shops at the part close to Tihany, but the reason why it is called Balaton's main street is different. You can literally bump into restaurants, cafés and ice cream parlors if you don't pay attention. Tagore is surrounded by tall trees, and the crowd is almost as huge as on a big city's main street. It is like an old-fashioned promenade, you have to show up here if you're in town.
The locals are nodding their heads at each other, tourists admire the boats in the marina and the promenade is full of the wineries' counters during Balatonfüred Wine Weeks.


8230 Balatonfüred, Tagore sétány
+36 87 580 480
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