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The road up to the 346 metres tall  Tóti-hegy is seemingly a pleasant climb but there’s quite a bit of elevation rise on the last 50 metres before the summit. There aren’t any resting areas but the silhouette of the old quarry and the abandoned cellars and press houses make it a worthwhile climb.  

You can get to the top through a longer trail from Salföld and a shorter one from Káptalantóti by following the green sign. You just have to follow the trail for about 30-50 minutes to be greeted by the 360-degree view on the summit from where you can see Lake Balaton, Tapolcai-medence, and even Csúcsos-hegy in Sümeg.


8283 Káptalantóti, Tóti-hegy
+36 87 471 125
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