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Veszprém Castle District

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The Castle District comprises the Castle itself, Óváros Tér (Old Town Square) and Vár utca, the street connecting the two, whose northern end widens into Szentháromság tér (Holy Trinity Square). Sights found here include the Szentháromság Column, the Cathedral Basilica of St. Michael and the Dubniczay Palace. The Castle is located on Várhegy (Castle Hill), which has a splendid view over the city. At is northernmost point stands the statue of St. Stephen and Queen Gisela created by József Ispánki. The buildings of Pannon University, the Queen Gisela Museum and the ruins of St. George's Chapel are located nearby. At the southernmost end of the Castle you’ll find the town’s iconic Tűztorony (Fire Lookout Tower). The Hősi Kapu (Heroes’ Gate), erected to commemorate those who perished in WWI, acts as an entrance to the Castle, whose tower hosts the Castle Museum.


8200 Veszprém, Vár utca
+36 88 404 548
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