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For afternoon relaxation and an after-lunch stroll, Veszprémvölgy is the best choice. This U-shaped part of town, the valley of the Séd-patak was recently re-opened after renovation and the results are astonishing: the EU-funded project left a miniature Austria behind with clever waterfalls, white-washed houses, neat benches and bushes and reconstructed ruins.

The walking trail that runs along the valley connects the castle and the zoo. You will probably bump into Fricska Bistro, where you'll find friendly hospitality and tasty, stove-baked dishes. At the other end of the valley, you can have some peace and a coffee while setting your children free in the garden or the playhouse in História Malomkert.

If you choose Veszprémvölgy, you can either walk along, or bike through a 3.5 kilometers long, spectacular trail from Kutas Square to Betekints-völgy.


8200 Veszprém, Betekints-völgy (Séd patak mentén)
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