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Off the beaten track – 5 hidden spots in Balatonfüred 6/16/2017

We explored the less known side of Balatonfüred with the guidance of someone who knows all the unique assets of the Balaton Uplands.

8 innovative museums at Lake Balaton 8/2/2016

Do memories of boring school trips come to mind when you think of museums at Balaton? It’s time to give exhibitions by the lake another chance.

12 of our favorite new spots around Balaton 7/7/2016

We’re approaching the middle of summer, and we thought this was a good time to round up some of our absolute favorite new launches this year.

A peaceful Canaan east of the Káli Basin 6/14/2016

This hidden corner of the Balaton Uplands has everything: a promising restaurant, a top-notch winery, and tons of lavender. And the crowds are nowhere to be seen as yet.

When it's chucking it down all day - the big Keszthely rain test 5/25/2016

Two weeks ago we spent a rainy day in Keszthely, which was perfect for testing what activities are available when hiking and the beach are out of the question.

Balaton is the perfect gift for Christmas 12/15/2015

We've compiled a gift guide to help you choose what to put under the tree this year.

10 unique church ruins from the Árpád era 11/28/2015

Let us show you 10 veteran churches from the Balaton area that have withstood adversities like the Dark Ages, the Turkish invasion, the Reform era and the two world wars.

Beautiful Balaton churches from the Árpád era 10/21/2015

Fall means hiking. Here are some great destinations with histories spanning multiple centuries.

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