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What to do around Lake Balaton when it rains

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Monday, October 10, 2016 — Bernadett Mizsei

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Balaton

Many people clear out of the beaches of Lake Balaton at the sight of the first drop of rain. However, there’re plenty of programs around here that provide unforgettable experiences even when the sun isn’t out. We rounded up a few recreational opportunities that you can enjoy even when the rain is pouring outside, and we spill the beans about the spontaneous encounters you can expect at Lake Balaton when the weather is bad – especially in the fall.


Photo: We Love Balaton

It’s needless to say that the selection of restaurants and wineries is always a great way to get back at the rainfall, whether it’s summer or fall. There are plenty of restaurants, confectioneries, and wineries that stay open in the fall and winter seasons, and we finally don’t have to stand in line to get in – here’s a list of these places. And then in fall there's the endless season of wine dinners that starts after the harvest.


Photo: We Love Balaton

Fall also means that the long lines disappear from in front of other popular places as well, not just from the restaurants. One of them is the visitor center of Tapolca Cave Lake, which displays the wonderful world of the karst-landscapes in its reception building, followed by a glimpse into the world of caves through 10 rooms. We can get to know extinct animals through palaeogeographic paintings, while the underground world is shown through stereoscopic photographs and film. Another popular, but a bit more challenging cave of Lake Balaton is Csodabogyós Cave close to Balatoneredics. The total length of the currently known tunnels is 6 kilometers, while their depth is 136 meters. The guides warn that visitors have to crawl on all fours, or grovel at certain parts, and as there aren’t any lights, they have to make sure to bring headlamps with them. The entrance of the cave can’t be reached by car; you can reach it by a 40-minutes-long wonderful walk in the forest which is also a part of the tour. We recommend Lóczy Cave in Balatonfüred for older age groups and families with small children, as you can walk through it in street clothes, and the entire cave is lit.


Photo: We Love Balaton

Lovers of Lake Balaton can choose from plenty of spas and wellness spas during the colder months as well. We can relax in the natural waters of Igal, Hévíz, and Csisztapuszta. However, these waters are good for more than just relaxing, as they also help curing illnesses and preserving our health.


Photo: We Love Balaton

One of the best activates for when the weather is bad is visiting museums. Besides the traditional exhibition halls, there’re extraordinary interactive museums to choose from, and these will surely engage the attention of children. Pannon Observatory in Bakonybél is a great adventure for kids, and it’s only a stone's throw away from Lake Balaton. Here they await visitors with a permanent astronomical exhibition with everything there's to know from Galilei to the Mars-mission, they have the most modern digital planetarium in Hungary, and a great telescope park.


Photo: We Love Balaton

Theater is a great place to be when it’s raining outside. Every season at Balaton Theater of Keszthely brings the production of a great play. We recommend Petőfi Theater of Veszprém for those who are closer to the other end of Lake Balaton. And since we are talking about Veszprém, Hangvilla is a multifunctional community space that gives home to plays, classical concerts, musicals, and interesting lectures.


Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/We Love Balaton

Every year, Expresszó is famous for bringing the popular bands of summer festivals to Veszprém in fall and winter, so it’s good to keep an eye on their events during the colder months as well. Another spot in Veszprém to pay attention to is Szigony, as they always have some surprise programs in store. Kredenc in Balatonfüred is only a short trip away from here, and there we can expect some music every weekend, mostly jazz.

Another option

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/We Love Balaton

Even if the rain-party programs aren’t on all year round, they will definitely start this year. Gábor Kardos, the organizer and former chairman of Balatoni Kör had an idea about fixed locations and programs that would only come into force on rainy days. For instance, animators of hotels, who are already being paid, could conduct family programs at community spaces that are suitable for this purpose. The basic idea is that rain provides a good opportunity for spontaneous encounters, as people run under the same tree or doorway to find some cover, where they start talking. So this is also an invitation for brainstorming to create a touristic rain-protocol, which would automatically be activated when the weather is bad, so that guests and hosts will know where to go and where to go there.

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