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Ten hidden Balaton treasures to explore this autumn 9/27/2018

From libraries to ruins, here are ten fascinating places around Lake Balaton.

10 unique Balaton wines to try 9/12/2018

Here’s a selection of ten great wines of recent vintage from around Balaton.

8 great desserts to try around Lake Balaton 8/24/2018

Visit these confectioneries to try some of the best desserts around Lake Balaton.

14 Balaton wine terraces to visit this summer 8/21/2018

Fabulous wine terraces keep summer alive around Lake Balaton.

10 places for a night out on the north shore 8/16/2018

Here are ten unique pubs, bars, hostels, community gardens and clubs for a night out on Balaton’s north shore.

10 spots for great coffee around Lake Balaton 7/26/2018

Here are some of the speciality cafés, buffets and confectioneries where you can start the day with a great cup of coffee.

10 new restaurants to try around Balaton this summer 7/19/2018

From new-wave beach buffets to revamped legendary terraces, here are ten new or renewed places to try around Balaton for summer 2018.

17 things to enjoy at Lake Balaton this summer 7/9/2018

Here's what to do around Lake Balaton during in high season.

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