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10 unique Balaton wines to try

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Wednesday, September 12, 2018 — László Burai

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Balaton

Here’s a selection of ten great wines of recent vintage from around Balaton.

2HA Vineyard and Wine Cellar – Tabunello 2015

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

2HA Vineyard and Wine Cellar

8284 Kisapáti, Szent György-hegy
2HA Vineyard and Wine Cellar on facebook

This winery on Szent György-hegy follows the Tuscan example with their Etruscan variety, the Sangiovese Grosso. The 2015 vintage is an especially conceived wine with fine acids, and a lot of cherry and spices.

Retail price: 7,472 HUF

Borbély Family Winery – Tomaj 2017

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Borbély Family Winery

8258 Badacsonytomaj, Káptalantóti út 19.
Borbély Family Winery on facebook

Rózsakő, Olaszriesling and Kéknyelű varieties combine in this wine. The 2017 vintage was especially good for all three of these resulting in a herbal scent with citrus and apple, and hints of peach and citrus.

Retail price: 2,300 HUF

Csendes Dűlő Estate – Kéknyelű 2015

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Csendes Dűlő Estate

8257 Badacsonyörs, Hegyalja út 43.
Csendes Dűlő Estate on facebook

Kéknyelű is a variety that is most common around Badacsony and it’s most often paired with the Budai Zöld variety. The wines of the relatively young Csendes Dűlő cellar are trustworthy and quaffable. This one is elegant with a citrus character and mineral notes.

Retail price: 3,850 HUF

Csordás-Fodor Borház – Juhfark 2016

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

This winery’s Juhfark was fermented in a steel tank and aged barrels. It has a masculine character and the main element is its acidity. It’s a traditional example of the Somló wine region.

Retail price: 2,080 HUF

Dobosi Winery – Bio Juhfark 2016

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Dobosi Winery

8272 Szentantalfa, Fő utca 81.
Dobosi Winery on facebook

The Dobosi family was a pioneer in organic winemaking on Lake Balaton’s north shore. Their Juhfark, with its peachy scent, has been  popular for years: it has a softer character and spicy flavours.

Retail price: 2,590 HUF

Folly Arboretum – Budai zöld 2017

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Folly Arboretum and Winery

8257 Badacsonyörs, Kápolnavölgyi út 25.
Folly Arboretum and Winery on facebook

Folly Arboretum is a tranquil spot in Badacsonyörs with great views and amazing wines. The Budai Zöld variety is rarely used on its own; however, here they turn it into a lovely, fruity wine with hints of gooseberry, lime, peach and fresh herbs.

Retail price: 2,650 HUF

Kreinbacher Birtok – Nagy-Somlói Juhfark 2016

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Kreinbacher Winery

8481 Somlóvásárhely, Somló hegy, 909. hrsz.
Kreinbacher Winery on facebook

Although the Kreinbacher name is most often mentioned when talking about champagne, their wines are also noteworthy. This is more of a classic item. It's compact with scents of peach, apple, butter and cool mint, while the flavour is dominated by acidity and saltiness.

Retail price: 2,350 HUF

Laposa Winery – Badacsonyi Kéknyelű 2016

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Laposa Winery

8261 Badacsonytomaj, Római út 197.
Laposa Winery on facebook

The Laposa family treats the Kéknyelű variety with special care as they believe this is the best grape to showcase the unique character of the Badacsony wine region. It has a scent of quince and pear, while its acidity gives the wine a lively character with hints of apple and lime.

Retail price: 3,350 HUF

Somlói Apátsági Pince – Juhfark 2015

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

The wines from this cellar are concentrated and often contain residual sugar due to the natural winemaking process. This Juhfark is a new item with tropical fruit in its scent and a deep flavour. It’s a very rich wine with a certain saltiness that is characteristic of the Somló region.

Retail price: 4,782 HUF

Szászi Cellar – Badacsonyi Rózsakő 2017

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi - We Love Balaton

Szászi Cellar

8265 Szent György-hegy, 035/7. hrsz.
Szászi Cellar on facebook

Rózsakő, a new Badacsony variety, is the result of the cross-breeding of Kéknyelű and Budai Zöld. This version is organic – it has a neutral character and a creamy, herbal flavour. It’s best when combined with the view from the winery’s terrace.

Retail price: 2,490 HUF

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