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32 Balaton restaurants that stay open during the freezing winter

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Tuesday, January 3, 2017 — László Tucsni

Photo: Kőrösi Tamás - We Love Balaton

Years ago, this time of the year usually meant that the hospitality industry of the area would freeze just like the lake itself. This is not the case this year. Although the ice over Lake Balaton gets thicker each day, our roundup proves that there are plenty of places we can stop by all year round, we just have to keep an eye out for them. We recommend these 32 places for those who keep discovering Lake Balaton with us, even during the winter.

North Shore

Chianti Restaurant, Veszprém - Chianti started out as an Italian eatery, but instead it became one of the pioneers of rural gastronomy. It will be open continuously after January 6.

Villa Medici Hotel & Restaurant, Veszprém – Another renowned spot in Veszprém, which also won’t close down; guests can stay at the hotel, eat in the Nostalgia Garden, and devour fine-dining dinners all year long here.

Oliva Hotel & Restaurant, Veszprém – Chef Balázs Tornyos keeps his kitchen going all year long in downtown Veszprém, and yes, they do have the famous chocolate heaven dessert.

Photo: Chianti Restaurant

Carpaccio Restaurant, Alsóörs – You can try the tasty dishes of the famous restaurant’s menu every weekend until March 31.

Söptei Winery & Restaurant, Csopak – The Söpteis will open in February, and they will announce the exact date later on Facebook. We do know that the restaurant, with its award-winning Rieslings, will be open from Thursday to Sunday during the low season.

Márga Bistro, Csopak – Márga will be closed from January 10 to 25. Following this, they will be closed only on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, but other than that, their outstanding winter courses and their breathtaking view will be available continuously. 

Petrányi Wine Terrace, Csopak – The Petrányis are available all year round during the weekends, right next to the above mentioned Márga. The view is also very nice there, and the menu is modern with Magyar flavors. 

Vígmolnár Csárda, Csopak – It is rare that we can pop in to such a great eatery anytime, but Vígmolnár really always welcomes guests. They only take one day off per week even in winter: Wednesday.

Photo: Márga Bistro

Bistro Sparhelt, Balatonfüred – the often praised kitchen of Balázs Elek lasts all year long; during the winter they are open from Wednesday to Sunday. 

Nem Kacsa Restaurant, Balatonfüred – This unit of Sparhelt’s team was only opened last year, and according to their Facebook page, now they bake and cook between Thursday and Monday.

Kredenc Wine Bistro, Balatonfüred – Even if Kredenc is not really a restaurant, besides flavorsome wines, they still offer a few more simple and seasonal courses during weekends. And we’re absolutely sure they’ll be open all year long.

Morzsa Bistro, Balatonfüred – They haven’t opened yet, but as they said, they will soon start to operate in the same street as Kredenc, so that the people of Füred can taste their daily menu and permanent offers. 

Karolina Fűszerkertje, Tihany – The new chef, introduced in the summer, will not be lazy in the fall, or during winter; at most, they’ll close the terrace, but only if the weather gets really bad.

Apáti Restaurant & Café, Tihany – The restaurant of Sajkod will keep continuing the good work - awarded with 12 points by Gault&Millau - each Friday, Saturday, and Sunday after January 20.

Photo: Bistro Sparhelt

Pántlika Porta, Dörgicse – The Vászoly-Dörgicse axis has the potential to become one of the best areas of the Balaton Uplands, but it needs more places that are open during fall and winter. One of the firsts is the restaurant of Pántlika Winery, as starting from January 20, they will be open every weekend, rain or shine. 

Neked Főztem Gastropub, Zánka – They opened during the summer, but immediately aimed at being open throughout the whole year. It looks like that it’s working out, as they are open every day. You can try tasty and seasonal dishes here anytime.

Kővirág Restaurant, Köveskál – In the Káli Basin’s version of Kazinczy Street, life never stops, and in Kővirág’s kitchen, for example, renovations just started. They will be open again on the last weekend of January, and you can visit them every weekend starting from February 17.

Miakő, Köveskál – It would be a shame if after a fruitful pig slaughtering Tamás Trombitás’s team would simply put the results in a pantry and shut the door on them. They will carry out minor maintenance work between January 16 and February 1, but upon finishing, the "Open" sign will be on their door every day.

Káli Art Inn, Köveskál – A whole gastro village works together for the Káli Art Inn; if you check-in ahead, you can find out what they’re cooking and whether they have any seats left.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/We Love Balaton

Pura Vida Dine, Tapolca – The Mediterranean kitchen of Tapolca is another spot that holds on. Starting from the week of January 9, they will only open their gates on weekends until the end of February.

Attila Bakos' Family Restaurant, Szigliget – They'll close for ten days starting from January 11, and after that they await visitors on weekends (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with homey dishes and photos of countless famous guests hanging on the wall.

Bock Bistro, Vonyarcvashegy – The Balaton bistro of Lajos Bíró is on track all year long.

Télikert, Keszthely – Dani Bezerics’s wintertime unit is closed until January 13, after that they entice guests with lunch menus, à la carte dishes, and weekend parties up until spring.

Castle Cellar, Keszthely – Based on our visit during fall, they are available all year round, but make sure to call them before going there.

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/We Love Balaton

South Shore

Kristinus Wine Estate, Kéthely – They close down during the first two weeks of January, otherwise, life is always bustling at this high-tech wine estate. They will be open on weekends from January 20 to 29, while following February 1, their gates will be open on Wednesdays and Sundays.

BL Yachtclub, Balatonlelle – There was never a doubt that they will remain open right at the shore of Balaton. The ice rink, the wellness area, and the restaurant are all open. Their newest plan is to make it possible to skate to Balaton’s continuously growing ice straight from the ice rink.

Mango Restaurant & Café, Balatonlelle – The promenade at Balatonlelle is not empty in the winter; Mango features a fusion of Mediterranean and Magyar cuisine, and some weekend programs. Right now they are refurbishing, but they open on February 1, and after that they will be available every day of the week. 

Rádpuszta Csárda & Leisure Center, Balatonlelle-Rádpuszta – This restaurant superpower operates all year long, with a bullwhip, meats made in a charcoal oven, and with lots of goods.

Chateau Visz, Visz-Berencspuszta – Fine dining doesn’t hibernate in the winter, if you ever feel like a duke, Chateau Visz is awaiting you all year round (except for Monday and Tuesday).

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/We Love Balaton

Anno Taverna, Balatonszárszó – Anno Taverna leads a classic cuisine with a more refined quality than the usual, and they are open all year round.

Kistücsök Restaurant, Balatonszemes – The very popular Kistücsök is another restaurant that doesn’t hibernate during the winter: the Csapody’s still cast their vote on all year round opening. They still try to recover from the burdens of the New Year until January 12, and after that their doors are wide open every day.

Mala Garden, Siófok – The frozen Lake Balaton is just as beautiful, as the Thai jungle, especially since the Far Eastern flavors didn’t leave Siófok with the migrating birds. Mala Garden is standing strong all year long.

Photo: Kistücsök Restaurant

The list contains places that are open for at least one continuous month during winter.  

The weekend opening hours mean Friday to Sunday at most places, but in some cases it also includes Thursday. It’s worth to check out the Facebook page or the website of the place for more information, to make sure they are open.  

The list isn’t final, if you think we missed out a good spot, make sure to tell us in the comments!

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