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Balaton restaurants to retreat to in chillier fall weather – Part II

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Friday, September 25, 2015 — László Tucsni

Many people think that Balaton is an attractive destination in the fall as well: instead of the jungle of tourists you can finally stroll in a real forest, and road 71 is no longer jam-packed with drivers sitting hopelessly in infinite traffic jams. There’s no scrambling, and after all the fall events and activities, you can start slowing down to a peaceful Balaton pace. Last week, we rounded up 10 restaurants open in the fall, and now we’re here to add some more top-notch establishments to the list.

Sáfránkert Restaurant – Paloznak

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/welovebalaton.hu

Sáfránkert Restaurant

8229 Paloznak, Fő utca 1.
Sáfránkert Restaurant on facebook

We’ve already shown you proof of the Csopak-Paloznak-Balatonfüred axis conspiracy, and it seems like all the members have made a pledge to defy fall and winter. Along with Márga Bistro and the restaurant of the Söptei team, Sáfránkert is among the persistent players of Paloznak: it’ll stay open all the way through the end of December, and launch a new menu in October under the leadership of veteran chef Sándor Kerekes.

Bistro Sparhelt – Balatonfüred

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu

Bistro Sparhelt

8230 Balatonfüred, Szent István tér 7.
Bistro Sparhelt on facebook

One of the popular new wave restaurants in Füred, retaining all its great qualities in the fall-winter season as well: the seasonal, regularly updated menu and the style magazine-worthy interior.

TéliKert – Keszthely

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu


8360 Keszthely, Pethő utca 21.

Making its debut last winter, TéliKert opened in Keszthely to make sure that the town does not have to do without the beach food of Bezerics after Fröccsterasz closes for the colder months of the year. The same will happen this year following the opening bash on October 3 with the addition of a new chef, who’ll dream up a daily blackboard menu to accompany the usual burgers and pizzas – you’ll definitely feel like you’re at a cozy bistro instead of a winterized beach food stand.

Kővirág – Köveskál

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu

Kővirág Pension and Restaurant

8274 Köveskál, Fő út 9/a
Kővirág Pension and Restaurant on facebook

The restaurant of Kata Zakar and György Mészáros should be very high up on the bucket list of newcomers to the Balaton region, with good reason. Booking a table is a wise move because Kővirág can fill up quite easily on an ordinary fall weekend. In October, the eatery will be open everyday except for Tuesday and Wednesday, while guests will be welcome to dine on weekends in November. The opening times through March will be somewhat more ad hoc.

BL Bavaria Yachtclub – Balatonlelle

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu

BL Yachtclub & Apartments

8638 Balatonlelle, Köztársaság utca 36-38.
BL Yachtclub & Apartments on facebook

It’s fantastic that more and more restaurants on the south shore are willing to take a risk and stay open all throughout the year: this is the first year BL Bavaria Yachtclub joins the fairly short list of innovators with events like the Dumaszínház stand-up series or the New Year’s Eve Regatta. The restaurant has already proved itself to us with its burger, and the other dishes of the à la carte selection also qualify BL to be among the most prominent marina restaurants at Balaton.

Mi a kő – Köveskál

Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky/welovebalaton.hu

Mi a kő - The House of Káli-medence's Wines


According to owner Tamás Trombitás, it is in the fall that his restaurant in Köveskál comes to life for real in the cross section of harvests, bicycle, adventure and pálinka tours. There’s no way the doors will be shut: they’ll close up shop for up to ten days in February to do some quick renovation work, but the rest of the fall-winter season will be full of versatile events from pig slaughters to wine dinners.

Pura Vida Dine – Tapolca

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu

Pura Vida Dine

8300 Tapolca, Fő tér 6-8.
Pura Vida Dine on facebook

After its first summer, Pura Vida won’t close its doors just become the leaves are turning yellow. The restaurant will stay open every day except for Mondays and Tuesdays, with a few weeks’ hiatus planned for January. Fall wine dinners and a new menu for November are some of the new features promised for this season, but a pretty gigantic, new hamburger is already available for tasting: the Mac&Cheese Premium Burger contains beef from Australia, a homemade burger sauce and – get ready for it – cheddar macaroni.

Szászi Cellar – Hegymagas

Photo: Tamás Kőrösi/welovebalaton.hu

Szászi Cellar

8265 Szent György-hegy, 035/7. hrsz.
Szászi Cellar on facebook

Szászi and co. won't run an all-year establishment, but the restaurant will stay busy on long weekends and around the Saint Martin's Day festivities, with great food made from high quality, seasonal ingredients to go with the wines. To find out more, visit their Facebook page or the restaurant’s website. Bigger groups are welcome any time of the year: if you make an appointment, they might be willing to grant your wish even if they’d otherwise be closed.

Káli Art Inn – Köveskál

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén/welovebalaton.hu

Káli Art Inn****

8274 Köveskál, Fő utca 6-8.
Káli Art Inn**** on facebook

Spending a weekend at Káli Art Inn is like an extremely peaceful, intensive Zen therapy. If you choose not to stay at this idyllic and stylish location, you might still want to call them to check if they have a free table for lunch because a gastro adventure in the Káli Basin is something you don't want to miss.

Rádpuszta Gastro and Leisure Center

Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky/welovebalaton.hu

Rádpuszta is an authentic establishment of Hungarian cuisine, serving classic csárda dishes of excellent quality. The center’s services include horseback riding, wine tastings at the wine museum as well as a kind of presentation-style pig slaughter ensuring that the customs of the countryside blend nicely with the requirements of the 21st century. They are open all year no matter what, which is absolutely awesome.

Hubertus-Hof Hotel and Restaurant – Balatonfenyves

Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky/welovebalaton.hu

Hubertus-Hof Hotel & Restaurant

8646 Balatonfenyves, Nimród utca 1.
Hubertus-Hof Hotel & Restaurant on facebook

The owners have an Angus beef farm nearby, so the menu looks like it’s from a small Balaton steakhouse with no traces of Wiener schnitzel with fries or pork stew with noodles. Open throughout the whole year – no question about it.


Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky/welovebalaton.hu


8200 Veszprém, Csermák Antal utca 13.
GUSTO13 on facebook

At the beginning of September, we explored some of the best places for dinner that are a little bit further away from Balaton, and we omitted Veszprém on purpose because saying that the town is a considerable distance from Lake Balaton would be an exaggeration. Nevertheless, we have to talk about it here because it has some nationally renowned spots including Chianti Restaurant, Villa MediciOliva Restaurant with Balázs Tornyos in the kitchen, Elefánt Restaurant and Decanter Bistro.

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