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Revered fish bistro Kalóz moves to Balatonudvari golf course

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Wednesday, May 30, 2018 — Lili Rutai

Photo: Kálló Péter - We Love Balaton

Kalóz SportBisztró, the new outlet of famed venue Kalóz, has opened its gates at the golf course at Balatonudvari. This means that they won’t be open at Badacsonytomaj beach this summer... we spoke with owner Attila Nagy about the new location.

As the 2017 summer season drew to a close, Kalóz was approached by the manager of Balatonudvari golf course, keen on having the popular bistro-style outlet set up there for 2018.

Photo: Alexandra Heim - We Love Balaton

"This will be our 16th season at Fövenyes," said Attila. "And we had to come to the painful but logical decision that we couldn't manage three restaurants at the same time. The golf course is only a few kilometres from our base in Fövenyes while Badacsonytomaj is an hour away."

So Kalóz has moved to this new location where it will emphasise the bistro genre while keeping beach food items as well. According to the management, they always have and always will remain true to Hungarian flavours while also trying to modernise them: that’s why the fish 'n' chips became catfish and chips, and lángos fried dough turned into pie. As Attila put it:: “We are trying to create a modern, sexy version of classic Hungarian cuisine”.

Photo: Kalóz SportBisztró

During the first season at the Badacsonytomaj location, locals used to traditional beach meals and drinks expressed surprise. In the second year, however, demand grew by 70%. Although Kalóz now expects new customers, they don’t want to lose the old ones either. According to Attila, “Many people said that they will visit us at the golf course as well. Still, it’s a challenge to introduce a new restaurant and to try and build an organic clientele. The club is two kilometres from the beach at Fövenyes, yet it’s entirely different. There’s something beautiful in both of them: you have the special atmosphere of being directly on the waterfront, while the other has a terrace with a view of Balaton”.

Photo: Kalóz SportBisztró

Fortunately, the bistro will be open to all, not just to club members. “This is a sports bistro that has ties to golf but all kinds of sports people can come, bikers, hikers, sailors, and more. This is a base for all sports enthusiasts. This is something that Balaton is lacking right now,” said Attila.

Kalóz SportBisztró has breakfast, lunch and dinner every weekend, weekly menus, high-quality beach food and local wines. Follow the Facebook page of Kalóz SportBisztró for further details, current offers and upcoming events.

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