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When will the restaurants by Lake Balaton reopen?

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Monday, April 6, 2015 — We Love Balaton

April and May are here to wake up those of our favourite Balaton restaurants, which choose winter hibernation instead of all-year-round opening. We revised our list dating from January and found that there are Italian pizza with Pavarotti and real Hungarian pickles cream soup available in April.

Baricska Csárda, Balatonfüred

The planned opening date for Baricska Csárda is 17 April, until then, try Chianti Restaurant, the Veszprém-based brother of Baricska.

Photo: Baricska csárda

Baricska Csárda

8230 Balatonfüred, Baricska dűlő
Baricska Csárda on facebook

Code Zero, Csopak

You'll have to wait until 1 May to see the opening of the containers that cook great beef ribs marinated in Port wine, by then, probably a fleet of sailors will be banging their doors for a manly portion of meat.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén / welovebalaton.hu


8229 Csopak, Örkény István sétány 8-16.
CODE ZERO on facebook

Ferenc-pince Csárda, Tihany

Mid-march, one of our favourite Balaton csárdas decided it was time to prepare for the season, so if you happen to pass by, drop in to see whether the pickles cream soup could make it to the menu again. The csárda promises full opening after Easter - only Tuesday remains a rest day, as it's their tradition.

Photo: Ferenc-pince Csárda

Karolina Fűszerkertje, Tihany

Found (in part) on the terrace of the Echo Residence Hotel, the restaurant ofKarolina Fűszerkertje awaits everyone with an Easter menu of lamb rump and rabbit ragout soup with thyme, hence it's definitely worth a try - plus, granny Karolina won't let you leave hungry and that's a fact.

Photo: Karolina Fűszerkertje

Karolina Fűszerkertje

8237 Tihany, Felsőkopaszhegyi út 35.

Kerekes Pince, Balatonalmádi

Balatonalmádi's Kerekes-pince also switched into standard open mode as on 5 April with an Easter overture and a pork roast. Visit them in any weekend from now on.

Photo: Csongor Kiripolszky /WeLoveBalaton

Kerekes Winery

8220 Balatonalmádi, Vödörvölgyi út 20.
Kerekes Winery on facebook

Mauro Ristorante, Zamárdi

The Italian of Zamárdi, the adored/hated Mauro Ristorante has a countdown clock on its website as huge as the 'Ciao!' its waiters shout at guests entering. closed down for winter. Based on this modest timepiece, we presume the place will start pouring pizzas and Pavarotti arias on us from 22 April.

Photo: Ádám Kiss /WeLoveBalaton

Márga Bistro

We already wrote about the changes coming to the restaurant of Szent Donát Winery - only the panorama and the wines remain unchanged. Márga wants to deliver superior quality with new wave food and the manager of a top restaurant in Budapest. You can also test the test mode on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays throughout April.

Photo: Miklós Szabó / Márga Bistro

MÁRGA Bistro

8229 Csopak, Szitahegyi utca 28.
MÁRGA Bistro on facebook

Öreg Harang Tavern & Restaurant, Hévíz

Gault&Millau Hungary's Eatery of the Year 2013, the Öreg Harang Borozó reheats its kitchen on 1 April.

Photo: Öreg Harang

Öreg Harang Tavern & Restaurant

8380 Hévíz-Egregy, Zrínyi utca 181.
Öreg Harang Tavern & Restaurant on facebook

Pajta Gallery, Salföld

The meeting place of artists in Salföld started its spring term at Easter. We wouldn't be surprised if the hundreds of pictures on the walls were joined by new ones this year.

Photo: László Bagi / welovebalaton.hu

Pajta Gallery Restaurant and Guesthouse


Spoon Lodge and Spoon Il Mercato, Balatonakarattya

Akarattya's Il Mercato begins serving pastas and pizzas (sans Pavarotti) from 1 May, and the same goes for the other Spoon joint, Spoon Lodge, although with Far Eastern dishes.

Spoon il Mercato Restaurant

8172 Balatonakarattya, Rákóczi út 44.
Spoon il Mercato Restaurant on facebook

We already new about them:

Kővirág, Köveskál

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Kővirág Pension and Restaurant

8274 Köveskál, Fő út 9/a
Kővirág Pension and Restaurant on facebook

Köveskál is always worth a visit. One of the best spots in town, Kővirág was slightly transformed at the end of January. Check out the new design on Fridays, Saturdays,  and Sundays in April.

Mi a kő, Köveskál

Not only Kővirág, Mi a kő has also re-opened in Köveskál - the owner, Tamás Trombitás and his team are sharing photos of the almond blossom and the marrow and tripe on Facebook.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Mi a kő - The House of Káli-medence's Wines


Söptei, Csopak

The Söptei Winery and Restaurant in Csopak reopened in February. For now it operates in weekend mode, which means that it is open from Thursday to Sunday. You might want to check out the Vígmolnár Csárda as well.

Photo: László Balkányi /WeLoveBalaton

Söptei Winery and Restaurant

8229 Csopak, Istenfia utca 5.
Söptei Winery and Restaurant on facebook

Malackrumpli Bistro, Balatonfüred

The popular Malackrumpli is a typical summer spot, but its opening is less than certain. The managing „black sheep”, Tamás Járosi stated in his year evaluation that they are unsure whether to open, since they are dissatisfied with themselves. We, among many, however have been satisfied with them, so we sincerely hope that Malackrumpli will return.

Photo: László Balkányi /WeLoveBalaton

Malackrumpli Bisztró

8237 Tihany, Kossuth Lajos utca 14.
Malackrumpli Bisztró on facebook

Kistücsök Restaurant, Balatonszemes

The south shore stronghold,Kistücsök is already past its winter break. The restaurant has been open every day since 16 January. This time of the year, the season's menu is not the only attraction of the place: most of the other trendy restaurants and buffets around are still closed.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Kistücsök Restaurant

8636 Balatonszemes, Bajcsy Zsilinszky út 25.
Kistücsök Restaurant on facebook

Hegyi Csárda, Balatonlelle-Kishegy

The two popular restaurants of Balatonlelle's Kishegy, Majthényi Press House and Hegyi Csárda will reopen on 1 May..

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Hegyi Csárda Balatonlelle-Kishegy

8638 Balatonlelle-Kishegy, 0107/31 hrsz.
Hegyi Csárda Balatonlelle-Kishegy on facebook

Majthényi Press House, Balatonlelle-Kishegy

Although the place only reopens in May, Majthényi Press House still receives groups with advance booking in the mean time.

Photo: Krisztina Bordács /WeLoveBalaton

Majthényi Press House

8638 Balatonlelle, Kishegy-telep, Panoráma utca (Szent Donát Kápolna mellett)
Majthényi Press House on facebook

BL Bavaria Yachtclub restaurant, Balatonlelle

The restaurant of the BL Bavaria Yachtclub in Balatonlelle has joined the line of noteworthy hamburger spots, which you can test already, since the restaurant and its patio reopened on 1 April 2015.

Photo: lanka Sebestyén/WeLoveBalaton

BL Yachtclub & Apartments

8638 Balatonlelle, Köztársaság utca 36-38.
BL Yachtclub & Apartments on facebook

Marina Gyros & Hamburger, Balatonföldvár

You already have a place to sit down outside in Balatonfüred: the popular Marina Gyros & Hamburger in the marina opened as early as 6 March.

Photo: Viktória Vilhelm/Marina gyros & hamburger

Vögyhíd Café, Kőröshegy

The Völgyhíd Café under the Kőröshegy Viaduct waited with the opening until the national holiday of 15 March.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Kőröshegy Viaduct

8617 Kőröshegy, M7-es autópálya Zamárdi-Balatonszárszó között
Kőröshegy Viaduct on facebook

Paletta Bistrobar and Vinoteca, Balatonboglár

In 2014, we fell in love with the newly opened Paletta Bistro in Balatonboglár with its excellent hamburgers and sail shades. This year, we'll have to wait relatively long for the opening: Paletta is expected to return to business on 1 May. By then, at least the weather will certainly be right for lounging on the patio.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Paletta Bisztró Boglár

8630 Balatonboglár, Kikötő utca 6.
Paletta Bisztró Boglár on facebook

Kikötő Restaurant, Szigliget

Szigliget's Kikötő Restaurant opened before Oszi bácsi, the neighbour even thought of buying the flour, but the first sailboats were already be on the Lake: in March.

Photo: Blanka Sebestyén /WeLoveBalaton

Kikötő Restaurant

8264 Szigliget, kikötő
Kikötő Restaurant on facebook

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