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The Swedish Sandahl brothers discovered the values of Badacsony in 2004. The advisor to Villa Sandahl is one of the leading wine producers of the Alsace wine region, with whom the brothers have developed winemaking processes like the ones employed with the Alsace grand cru wines.

Mr. Sandahl and his wife know and explain the processes involved in winemaking and their ambitions for the future with surgical precision. They also have apartments with four rooms and ten beds, so that those who can’t resist trying all the exquisite wines can stay for the night. The interior of the rooms is dominated by a modern Scandinavian design, and they could easily be compared to any boutique hotel.

They’re ideal for groups of friends or for smaller company events, and, of course, they’re equipped with WiFi, a shared kitchen, and a terrace, not to mention the delicious breakfast and the perfect view.


8261 Badacsony, Római út 203/1
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