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How can you check in offline? - Kéktúra and the stamper game

The stamping game at Kéktúra could be exciting for everyone. Even for those too, who prefer checking in on Foursquare instead of enjoying the smell of autumn and the panorama from the top of Badacsony. We go on the trip, we hunt down the stamps and we pour down a glass of fröccs in the pub then in the end we tell you all about Balaton's Kéktúra (Blue Tour). First chapter, Badacsonytördemic-Káptalantóti.

The Balatonside stage of the Kéktúra takes you from Keszthely to Zirc. The 10-kilometer tour between Badacsonytördemic and Káptalantóti is more than enough to begin if you're a rookie at hiking, or all you want is a pleasant, day-long activity with a few glasses of fröccs. On Sunday morning you can find yourself an awesome breakfast at Liliomkert piac after a good sleep in the wilderness in a tent. Don't miss the opportunity to kick-off the day with goat cheese and a shot of pálinka. But this is tomorrow’s programme, let's focus on the trip itself.

Between vineyards

Catching a train or taking the bus from Keszthely to Badacsonytördemic are the easiest options to get here. You'll get your first stamp at the railway station. Follow the blue signs on the trees, and pay attention: you have to find slightly hidden narrow stairs up the hill on the left side of the road to get to Bujdosók lépcsője. The local booster is called Skizo Borház at Szent István Street 44, and buying some refreshments (especially rosé) from them is highly recommended if there's still room in your bags.

The road leads among vineyards, farms, press houses and gardens. The leaves under our feet and the foliage over our heads are amazing, but the view doesn't help the fact, that you have 464 stairs in front of you. Sitting down is not a shame at all, especially because Balaton's best lookout points are lining up after another.

Having some rest is needed

This 10-kilometer-long trip gives you enough time to gaze at everything. For example, climbing up to Kisfaludy-kilátó (the highest lookout tower of Balaton) is a great chance to go deeper into your thoughts. You can test the power of Rózsakő as well, but only time will prove whether it was successful, or not. According to the myth, if a couple sits on the stone showing their backs to Balaton, they will get engaged in that exact year. Another interpretation says that when the girl sits on the stone and shows her back to Balaton, while she thinks about her love then soon they guy will return her love.

Up and down again

Don't be surprised, if you bump into higher and higher hills every now and then. You have to cross a multiple lane road and climb Gulács in order to arrive at the balcony of Istvándy Pincészet. We definitely recommend you to taste their wine called Laza. Since you're there, don't miss the actual delicacy: like the bread with ramsons and pesto. The next stamping point is at Kert Büfé in Káptalantóti, which is more like a bar than a buffet. As every places like this in Hungary, it closes at 9 PM. It's possible to go into town after the wine tasting since it is only half an hour walk from the wine cellar.

The accommodation cannot be a problem since there are always small rooms available in villages. It means you won't have a huge personal space though. It is still the best choice if you want to start your morning at the marketplace, or in the local shop to find some random pastry for breakfast.

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