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Where to eat?

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Where to go?

Tour the forgotten hill of Haláp

The forgotten hill of Haláp recently became more tourist-friendly with a study trail – now you can get a closer view of this deserted beauty.

Balaton from above: Csönge-hegy in Salföld

Lake Balaton from above is always uplifting – as we we have been discovering as we tour the lookout towers of Balaton in an ongoing series. Next: Csönge-hegy in Salföld.

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What to see?

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Where to stay?

The 7 best Balaton spas

Lake Balaton’s spas are a great choice if you wish to relax and heal in warm thermal waters – here are the best.

Be a guest at an actual count’s estate

Aristocrats are rare in Hungary – so it feels unique to stay at the home of someone who is actually noble. Especially if there’s a breakfast of backyard goods involved.

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Balaton In Pictures

See Lake Balaton from the air

This is what Lake Balaton looks like from the basket of a hot air balloon flying more than a kilometre above the ground.

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Balaton browser

Visiting Lake Balaton? Use our all-purpose map - it provides every bit of information you need, and more.

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