Nyitott Balaton is something the Balaton has not seen before: 10 days of innumerable events from Balatonkenese to Keszthely. Programmes with special restaurant and hotel offers between 1 and 11 May. Feat. We Love Balaton.

Is Nyitott Balaton another festival at the Balaton?

No. Nyitott Balaton is an extensive season opening event series that takes place at several Balatonside settlements simultaneouslyfrom 1 to 11 May. The participating settlements offer fix programme points, like morning exercises for early birds; guided tours for sightseers; evening music events and coffee-and-snacks picninc on the beach for those who want to chill out.

Are there any good concerts on?

You can join innumerable music, wine, gastronomy and recreation-themed events, in addition to the picnics and strolls at the participating settlements. The offers range from village days to lantern-lit water processions, in various settlements from Keszthely to Balatonkenese. There will also be one very special concert.

Fine, but we don't have a summer home there. Where can i stay?

The events of Nyitott Balaton are accompanied by discount accomodation and resturant offers. The participating accomodations and restaurants will open at the beginning of May and await you with discounts specific to the events. Check out the range of programmes, accomodations, and gastronomical offers at www.nyitottbalaton.hu (available only in Hungarian).

Who is behind this?

A Nyitott Balaton is a bottom-up event series, organized by locals together with widely recognised winemakers, musicians and celebrities. The chief coordinator is the regional association of local tourism organizations, the Balaton TDM Association. The individual programme points are compiled by local tourism organizations, service providers and sympathizers, thus the fix programmes are location-specific.  Nyitott Balaton is sponsored by the Hungarian Tourism Zrt. and We Love Balaton as well, among others.

Why has we love Balaton joined?