Last year, we noted that the musical line-up wasn't the strong side of Evereess; this year, they work on changing that, with Bori Péterfy, Sena and world music acts. The headliners in Akarattya are still peace, healthy festival food, and kid-friendly programmes.

The most peaceful Hungarian festival will yet again lay its emphasis on conscious living, recreation and recharging through talks about conscious lifestyle and alternative physical activities. Not to mention the relaxing concerts in the evenings, with world music bands, such as Mirabai Ceiba, or the Maltese band Tribali that has seen festivals like Glastonbury or the Byron Bay Bluesfest. The Hungarian line-up include Bori Péterfy, Sena Dagadu and Freedom Cafe.

Good news for families: the festival is kid-friendly: almost all the thematic villages will have children's programmes, plus there'll be a separate children's village.

A novelty compared to past years is that the festival will be divided into thematic villages, each of which will have a chief, responsible for the programmes and the invited performers.

The better known chiefs include the intimate exercise guru Andrea Kriston, kid entertainer Péter Levente and singer Soma Mamagésa. Although there will also be meaty dishes, the selection will be dominated by the vegan and vegetarian line - so don't expect pork knuckles to stick out of your chickpea soup with VegaFOOD and Sóker Zöldturmix Bár.

Let's see what each village offers:

  •  MagNet: programmes for children and grown-ups, talks by representatives of Hungarian NGOs. Wheelchair dancers under the sign of solidarity and sustainability, free jam sessions in the community space, fair trade coffee at Magház restaurants.

  • Intimacy Village: In the village of Andrea Kriston, women can get closer to their own bodies.The pelvic floor exercise expert will help 30 women each day experience their biological functioning positively. The programme includes a cycle celebration, morning jogging and pelvic floor exercises.
  • The name of the ECO and Science Village is already exciting. They promise a fun science playhouse, robot building, drones and exciting experiments. Speakers will talk about the future of science.

  • In Soma Mamagésa's Self-healing Village men and women can visit an Adam and an Eve tent. In the shared space, they can participate in couple's consultation and family therapy sessions. The programme of the village relies on the 20 years of self-healing experience of singer/performer/guru Soma Mamagésa, during which she tried every available self-healing trend.

  • The Self-improvement Village has managed to get hold of numerous acclaimed speakers, including psychologist Dr. Menis Yousry. This venue will concentrate on immersion, the spiritual path, and personalities - in theory and practice.
  • The Bionom VIllage will focus on the organic cosmetics products and food of Vali Antal's Bionom webshop, with talks about the poisonous ways of the beauty industry and the profit hunger of the pharmaceutical and the food industry.

  • Péter Levente's Children's Village will be a true art camp. Kids will learn a puppet movie, which they will perform and record by the end of the weekend. The tales for the show were written by Péter Levente and wife, Ildikó Döbrentei.


  • 3-day weekend pass (until 31 May): 16 900 HUF
  • 5-day, full price pass (until 31 May): 20 500 HUF
  • 5-day discount pass (until 31 May): 18 500 HUF
  • Wednesday, Thursday day tickets: 6 900 HUF