The jubilees of the Valley of Arts and the KULTKIKÖTŐ mean even more performers and programmes. The cream of contemporary Hungarian art will gather by the Tihany ferry for 5 days. The Vaszary Villa in Füred and the Balaton Museum in Keszthely both have excellent exhibitions for the summer, and they are joined by the youthful company of Pegazus in Szentbékkálla. Spotlight on the theatre, exhibitions and contemporary art.

Valley of Arts (24 July - 2 August)

The largest summer art festival of Balaton is now in its 25th year. The work put into the event hasn't gone unnoticed internationally: the Valley of Arts received the Europe for Festivals, Festivals for Europe label from the Europen Festivals Association. Although smaller in size than originally, the Valley still counts three villages (Vigántpetend, Kapolcs, Taliándörögd) , and it prepares for the jubilee as part of Nagyon Balaton, with thousands of programmes and performers. Hungarian blues legend Hobo will celebrate his 70th birthday together with the Valley, the Momentán Improvisation Theatre will have its own venue, and the acclaimed Pintér Béla Company will also make a visit.

The wooden mini village by Hello Wood is only one attraction by the creative camp: this year they will also host music programmes and a children's camp. You will also be able to catch the screening of the new Hungarian cult movie, Balaton Method at the Valley. Klastrom reloaded will arrive with world music/electronic vibes by Fonó Budai Zeneház and NVC. The programmes will be accompanied by gastronomical specialities and delicious craft beers.

ARTplacc contemporary art and design festival, Tihany (22-26 July)

A home-like and relaxed artsy vibe will rule the ARTplacc festival held in the frame of Nagyon Balaton at the Tihany ferry in July. július végén We suspect that the lanterns, colourful cloths and the hammocks do have magic in them, since last year's experience with ARTplacc is that is is easy to forget to leave..

Of course, the programmes also have something to do with this, not to mention the role of good company. The coolest institutions, productions and personalities of Hungarian young contemporary culture will be found in high concentrations by the ferry between 22 and 26 July.  The daytime workshops, talks and family programmes, and the evening cinema, theatre, warm-up sets and live music will leave noone untouched. This year will focus on emerging young talents, who will present their creations in the frame of one-man shows.

Kultkikötő, Balatonföldvár (26 June - 29 August)

It seems this year is all about jubilees at Lake Balaton: the south shore's KULTKIKÖTŐ will celebrate its 10th birthday this summer. Balatonföldvár's open air theatre series has unquestionable merits in moving the theatre after the holidayers. The repertoire includes everything from comedies and operettas through kid's programmes to concerts.

Diversity remains the motto of the festival this year as well: in addition to theatre productions, guests can enjoy concerts by the likes of Quimby and KFT, and a stand-up comedy night with Sándor Badár. The programme includes acontemporary dance show by Rita Góbi, and a guest appearance of the Subotica People's Theatre. The festival will take over Boglár and Fenyves as well, the complete timetable has recently been published. The birthday concert in Földvár features Budapest Bár, while the season closing gig is by the Budapest Jazz Orchestra.

Tihany Open-air Games (10 July - 29 August)

In addition to the compulsory Budapest Bár and Csík Zenekar concerts, there will be light entertainment by Játékszín, like a stage adaptation of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None (in Hungarian), and the Orlai Produkciós Irodaí's Roman Holiday (in Hungarian). The Bujtor István Open-air Stage will be full of life from 10 July.

Vaszary Villa, Balatonfüred

One of Füred's most exciting points of interests is a sure shot for rainy summer days, and it also participates in the Night of the Museums on 20 June. The Robert Capa exhibition and the Meeting Picasso collection of photos by Jean Cocteau and artwork by Picasso are open until the beginning of August. The gallery will have to more exhibitions this summer: High-hats and Ringlets features Austrian Biedermeier pictures lent by the Museum of Fine Arts and opens on 13 June, and a 19th century collection by the Municipal Gallery opens on the very same day. Although the end of summer is still far, the museum is planning to stage an exhibition of modern Hungarian paintings at the end of August.

Balaton Museum, Keszthely

The Guido Vedovato exhibition might be compatible with children: the artist's pictures blend reality with fantasy, childhood memories with surrealism. The Italian painter's adheres to ancient techniques and perspectives. His neo-primitive, colourful paintings and fairytale figures captivate adults and children both. The exhibition at the Balaton Museum in Keszthely is open from 9 May to 21 June.

Festetics Palace, Keszthely

Earlier, we wrote about the major reconstruction works at Festetics Palace, which will hopefully result in new exhibition spaces, and the rebirth of several parts of the Palace as well as the orangerie by the end of 2015.  Although certain sections of the Palace and its park will be off limits to the public this summer, the permanent exhibitions remain open, and there will also be a summer exhibition from 31 May to 31 August.

KOGART, Tihany

In addition to the permanent exhibition of graphic works by MIklós Borsos, you can still catch the Hungarian Romantic paintings at the KOGART Gallery in Tihany until 28 June. The latter exhibition features 30 paintings in order to introduce the major themes and representatives of Hungarian Romanticism. The list of exhibited artists include names, such as Bertalan Székely, Viktor Madarász and Gyula Benczúr.

Pegazus, Szentbékkálla

We'd bet anything that the Szentbékkálla-based Pegazus, which was running in test ode last year will grow into one of the most exciting venues of the Káli Basin this year. The slightly secluded, picturesque location, the mysterious building and the youthful concept all point in this direction.