Always fancied the videos where apparently happy tanned people sailed the seas aboard fancy yachts with music blasting? We have good news for you: from 6 June, you can also be part of such idylls on Lake Balaton.

Yacht Balaton is a new wave party series, where the party fleet of conjoined boats and electro pumped high promise the feeling of infinite freedom in the daytime, and the madness continues at a special venue by night.

The idea came from a few fantastic summers at the Adriatic Sea: Beni Tenner and Andris Kálmán wanted to bring home the memories of sailing and chilling out with friends. A few years ago, they tried to recreate the sensation on Lake Balaton by staying on the water all day, taking a rest in small marinas and partying hard on the shore at night. They were inspired to expand the experience, pouring it into an organized form. They received help from Petra Koleda, Geri Csókay and Dávid Ráday: they added up all their party and festival organizing experience (CityMatiné, Hello Wood, Konyhakör) to put their ideas onto water.

The organization of such a complex event holds many risks, there are many things needing attention. There need to be constant correspondence with the transport authorities, while planners must keep in mind the local mooring options and infrastructure - hence the choice of Füred and its environs.

It is clear that the guys are smitten with Balaton, and they hope that Yacht Balaton will help them spread the love. They'd love to introduce people to the waters and show them that there's life beyond the shores. In addition to "boat people", they welcome party people as well. The goal is to destroy the misconception of sailing being exclusive upper class entertainment and promote water culture.

As a result of last year's 35-boat demo and the huge interest shown, they increased the party capacity, so if you have a boat, just bring along a designated skipper. If you don't have a boat, ask the organizers for help, they know where you can rent a boat. This year, they'll also add an extra pirate boat to the fleet. Talizmán will carry the 60 superfast candidates who can't be bothered getting their own boat.